High Priced Virtual Meeting Rooms - Are they worth the cash?

High Priced Virtual Meeting Rooms - Are they worth the cash?

The Spontania Pro 100 Meeting Rooms Review 

The Spontania Pro 100 Meeting Rooms is revolutionary cloud collaboration software which allows users the option of hold virtual meetings, even when members are unable to converge at one location at an agreed time. This software provides a shared virtual meeting room that allows up to 25 participants at any given time as long as each participant is connected. It allows up to 1000 users; this enables busy executive hold meeting with smaller departments in cities miles or countries apart without having to fly there.


1. Multimedia devices: This program can work on multiple devices and is not limited to one. This saves the money because the company will not have to buy all employees specific devices. Basically, any devices that possess standard endpoint can work with the program. Standard endpoint simply refers to a device that possesses a microphone, speaker and camera.

2. Instant messaging and Web conferencing: The program allows for users to send messages to other users on the platform. It also allows video conferencing between users of the program. Information can safely be passed through the program without fear of it entering 3rd party hands.

3. Integration to workflow: Because this program works on many multimedia devices, it is easy to incorporate into work life. A team leader wanting to send a message to all participants and wants a quick response can send an instant message and get replied quickly and efficiently.
4. Multi-Input Video Capture: This program allows multiple video captures at a single time. For example, a team leader is talking to 4 participants, he will be receiving the feed as well as sending it. He will be able to see the four participants on the screen and they will be able to see him and each other.

5. White boarding: The program allows the placing shared files and allows several users work on the image at one point in time as well as see the changes other users made in real time.


1. Long term cost savings: In the long run, this product it can save costs, gone are the days when you had to book flights to catch a meeting and renting hotel rooms. Everything can be handled from a device from the comfort of your office or home.
2. 1000 users: Large corporations will be able to register staff and the Admin; HR will be able to hold meetings with employees in different states. This can help increase motivation and get internal feedback easily.

3. 25 participants at given time: It allows up to 25 people at once hold meetings.
4. Friendly user interface: The simplicity of the user interface is encouraging because there will not be any need for distinct trainings on how to use and employees can easily grasp and understand the concept.

5. Bandwidth optimization: It is designed to optimize bandwidth. It provides the best call quality for each user, dependent on their network capabilities.


1. Transparency: Anyone could be in the room with a strange party during a meeting and the other parties will be unaware of this.

2. Distractions: This device allows for meetings to be held anywhere and as such can leave room for disturbances or distraction of a participant.
3. Short term cost: for long term use, this will be cost efficient but for short term use or use by smaller companies, the price is not as friendly. A company with less than 100 staff in different countries with a small or little profitability will be unable to afford it.

In conclusion:

This program is perfect for large companies in the sense that it brings management closer to the employees. It also improves the efficiency of the company, in the sense that information can be sent at any time and meetings can be organized on short notice. All in all, it will be a program that will bring a company’s productivity up by at least 10%.


Clearone 910-2002-004-3 Spontania Pro 100 Meeting Rooms With 3 Year Li

Clearone 910-2002-004-3 Spontania Pro 100 Meeting Rooms With 3 Year Li

"Spontania Pro 100 Meeting Rooms With 3 Year License Brand New, Item # 910-2002-004-3 The ClearOne Spontania Standard is a cloud-based unified collaboration software that offers a shared virtual meeting rooms with up to 25 participants each supporting up to 1000 users with instant messaging and presence, hosted in our ClearOne cloud. Moving your technology to the Spontania Cloud or implementing the Spontania Cloud software allows dozens to thousands of users to collaborate in real-time, share high quality voice, video and data on any device they choose from cell phones to standards-based group systems. The Spontania cloud service empowers customers to deploy video collaboration without the heavy burden of expensive infrastructure. It is easy to install and enables service providers and partners to expand their offerings by deploying the technology within their own networks, building on ClearOne technology to further their current solutions and offerings. Spontania Standard Features: Shared Virtual Meeting Rooms - Up to 25 Participants Each Supporting Up to 1000 Users, Maximum 10 Continuous Presence Windows, Supports SIP/H.323 Gateway, Full Admin Access, Audio & Video Customization Options, Secure and Corporate Presence & Instant Messaging, High-Quality, Multi-Point Audio & Video Conferencing, Video Files Sharing, Instant Connection to Additional Video Sources (TV, DVD), App & Desktop File Sharing, Application & Desktop Remote Control, White Board, Pooling System, Raise Hand Function, Spontaneous External User Invitation Through: - IM Federation - Corporate E-Mail - Telephone Services, Interactive Session Recording, Additional Channels for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, WebCasting in Real Time for Mass-Audience, Multi-Device: PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad & Android, Key Benefits: Low Acquisition & Operating Costs No Capitalization of Expensive Infrastructure & Endpoints Join Sessions From Multiple Devices PCs, Handhelds, Mobile, Softphones & Standards-based Video Conferencing Systems Interoperable w/ Existing IT & Communication Environments Including PSTN/IPBX, Directory Authentication, & Scheduling Tools Light Network Footprint Optimizes Bandwidth to Provide Best Possible Quality, Dynamically Adapted For Each Participant Firewall, Proxy & NAT Friendly Using Standard Port No Additional Firewall Configuration Required Easy to Install, Deploy & Administer Backend Web Interface Minimizes Administration Tasks Simple to Use With Intuitive User Interface Options For Audio & Video Customization Highly Secure Highly Secure For Even The Most Confidential Collaboration Sessions, Fully Compliant w/ Enterprise Security Policies & Requirements Compatible With Communication Enabled Business Process (CEBP) Easily Scalable With A Distributed Server"

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